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Tips om je raamdecoratie te poetsen!


How do you start cleaning your window decoration? A difficult and delicate job. We will give you some practical tips about cleaning and maintaining your window coverings so that you can enjoy them for a long time. Window decoration is a sensitive product and therefore requires the necessary attention to enjoy it for as long as possible. But how do you do that now? In general, window decoration is not designed for thorough cleaning. You can damage the fabric and that affects its lifespan. It is therefore very important that you handle your window coverings with care.

The ‘cleaning’ techniques vary per type of window decoration. We’ll break them down for you:

Cleaning blinds

Cleaning blinds starts by wiping your wooden, PVC or aluminum blinds with a feather duster or a non-static dry duster. This way you remove all the dust that is loose on the slats and it will not come back so quickly. Another way to clean horizontal slats (slats / blinds) is to vacuum the slats with a vacuum cleaner with a small brush head.

Attention! Make sure the brush head is clean and has soft bristles, otherwise there is a risk of damage. Avoid using cleaning products on your wooden blinds. Tilt the slats down. This way you can easily dust the ‘slats’ with a dry cloth.

Tip: work from left to right, top to bottom. Then tilt the slats the other way and do the same. If you are dealing with stubborn dirt or dust, use a damp (almost dry) cloth to remove the stains on the slats.

Cleaning pleated blinds

A pleated curtain has a unique structure, which gives it an insulating function. Pleated blinds can easily catch dust.
Blow dust and flies out of the curtain or use a vacuum cleaner with a small soft (and clean) brush head and vacuum down both sides with low suction.
Stubborn stain? Try to remove the stain first without getting the curtain wet. Doesn’t that work? Then dab the curtain with a slightly damp cloth. Avoid rubbing the fabric. After cleaning, let your pleated curtain hang out completely to dry.

Clean curtains

Do you want your curtains to be clean and fresh again? Then it is best to have them cleaned by a dry cleaner. Clean your curtain in moderation so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible.

Cleaning Roman blinds

The Roman blind is easy to clean. Keep the Roman blind dust-free with a feather duster or a (non-static) cloth. Do you really want to clean it properly? Simply loosen the dust. Remove the cross slats from the fabric and loosen the cords.

Wash yourself? Wash the Roman blind at 30 degrees and without spinning. To prevent discoloration, it is best not to use washing powder or too much detergent. You can also take the Roman blind to the dry cleaner for a thorough cleaning. Clean in moderation to maintain the quality of your Roman blind.

Clean roller blinds (and duo roller blinds).

A (duo) roller blind is a durable product and requires little maintenance.
Start by rolling out the roller blind. Then you can start dusting the front and back. Do this with a feather duster or a dry microfiber cloth.

The key is to dust regularly!

No matter what window decoration you have, it is always advisable to clean it with caution. So definitely do not use wet cloths or aggressive cleaning products. The most important tip we can give you is: dust! The better you can keep your window coverings dust-free, the longer the lifespan.

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